Pergolas Wichita, KS
Pergolas Wichita, KS

Wichita Pergola
Wichita Pergola

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Pergola Builders Wichita

Pergolas Wichita, KS
Pergolas Wichita, KS

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Pergolas are a great landscaping design idea to add shade to a walkway, pool deck, or patio area. Pergolas can create a striking landscape feature that help to define your yard or patio while serving the function of controlling, or mitigating the sun. With our custom designs, built on site (typically with rustic cedar) we can create stunning elements of landscape architecture. These structures help to frame an existing space and/or show off it's attendant functions, whether as a focal point for dining and entertaining or as respite to one's own oasis.


Wichita Concrete is the premier Pergola builder in Wichita, KS. We can come out to meet with you, take a look at your space, go over design options with you, and create an amazing outdoor living area that is functional and open for you to relax outside or entertain family and friends.

Having a pergola installed at your home is a great way to add an architectural flourish, increase curb appeal, and provide partial shade for outdoor activities, such as sunbathing poolside and cooking out on the grill. Wichita Concrete has the experience and skill to build a custom pergola for your home designed with complete functionality to your current landscape design.

Types of Pergolas:


1.) Open-top Pergolas


Perfect for creating a garden setting. Open-top pergolas offer the feeling of being in a room but are mostly open to natural sunlight and breeze. Many open-top pergolas are used to support climbing plants like roses or vines that, in turn, help to fill in the frame and create a beautiful and organic canopy that further enhances the space.

2.) Gabled Pergolas

A gabled pergola consists of a downward sloping rooftop that is supported by corner posts to create a sitting area that is exposed to the outdoors but protected from the sun and light rain. This style of pergola enhances the feeling of being indoors while enjoying outdoor scenery with shade and shelter

3.) Arched Pergolas


For a more unique look that’s different from traditional pergolas, you might choose to construct an arched style pergola. Arched pergolas are more complex and expensive to build but are sure to create an eye-catching addition to your outdoor space with an intriguing frame design.

4.) Promenade Pergola


Promenade pergolas provide the perfect highlight to any walkway. And with the addition of climbing plants like wisteria, roses and trumpet vines, they transform boring traversals into a whimsical pathway that is sure to draw attention and traffic.

4.) Pitched Pergolas

Pitched pergolas are typically attached to another standing object like a section of your home and form a single slope downward toward the other end of the pergola. When fitted with the right exterior doors, they can creatively expand your home living space because pitched pergolas can replace your patio or veranda-type setting without the cost and approvals needed for a full-on room addition.

Pergolas are a great way to add an outdoor structure to entertain while providing shade. Wichita Concrete can create an amazing custom pergola to fit all your outdoor living space needs. Call us today to discuss your pergola project!